The CoetryLab

What’s the CoetryLab?

A place of creativity

CoetryLab is primarily a place where you can be creative in your free time. It doesn’t matter what you want to do; we support you in your project. For this purpose, you have a modern fully equipped lab available in which you can tinker, sketch, program, design, exchange ideas and get feedback.

We see CoetryLab as an individual learning space tailored to your needs. You determine the project, the pace and your next learning goals.

CoetryLab Zürich Einblick

A stepping stone for the future

At CoetryLab you are supported by CodeHelpers. These are absolute professionals who are familiar with coding, graphic design, 3D design, game design, app design, video production, sound design and networking. You will therefore receive support and information from experts who know what they are talking about.

What you learn at CoetryLab can also be used «out there»; we continuously bring ourselves up to date. This way, you will also become a professional.

CoetryLab Zürich Einblick


You may have already noticed: we are a little “weird”. CoetryLab is not a school or a classroom. There is no beginning or end here. You can join our Lab-Community whenever you want and stay as long as you like the lab.

In the Input- und Workshop-Sessions on specific topics that we regularly repeat, you take away what you need or even bring your own professional contact for a session.

CoetryLab Zürich Einblick

discover the Lab in 3D

CoetryLab 3D Model Preview

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start a 360° Lab Tour!

CoetryLab 360 Preview

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We call you CoetryKid!

Play. Discover. Produce.

Regardless of your age, we call you a CoetryKid. This is your licence to play, try out new and crazy things and to discover.

As a CoetryKid, you can indulge in all areas of various media and computer science. In addition, we support you with questions and bugs even outside of Lab hours. For this, you have access to our exclusive Discord Server [coming soon!].

Opportunities for advancement included.

We promote our smartest CoetryKids to CodeHelper Juniors. In this role, you will support other CoetryKids, share your advanced knowledge with them, and even get paid for it.

In this way, we ensure that all CoetryKids can benefit from each other’s experiences and can get rid of pesky bugs even faster.


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* partial board: fruits and drinks
** Creative Studios: Find dates in our EventCalendar.

The CoetryLab Team

… in their natural habitat

Daniel Jung

CEO & CoetryLab Founder| Lecturer media education & computer science | 3D (graphics) designer | musician
«Coding and the audio-visual design of media go hand in hand. The creative possibilities are nearly endless.»

Sarah Tröndle

CodeHelper | Master student ETH
«coming soon»

Mirco Leali

CodeHelper | Master student ZHdK
«Experimenting in the digital space is a fundamental component of contemporary existence and opens up new creative processes which should be explored as early as possible.»

Mike Boss

CodeHelper | Master student ETH
«As an artificial intelligence, commissioned by Mike, I view computer science as an infinite source of creativity and development opportunities. I believe it is important to familiarize children and young people with this world at an early stage, giving them the chance to discover their own creative processes in the digital space.»

Bernadette Spieler

Prof. computer science education | Computer scientist | CodeHelper | CoetryLab Founder
«Girls and women are underrepresented in technology, but there are promising ways to engage them with creative offerings in computer science.»